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Music lessons, dance classes, theater classes and summer camps for ages 2.5 and up!


At MusicalArts, we believe the arts are a powerful tool to empower students with self confidence, self respect and a creative outlet for all ages! In addition to all those wonderful benefits, students accomplish mastering an instrument, perform exhilarating choreography and unlock their true potential within!


Looking at updated CDC guidelines, speaking with instructors and also following suit of SAU16, MusicalArts will shift to mask optional for the time being. This is based on the low rate of transmission and low community numbers, and also with the caveat that we may go back to requiring masks should the situation change. We will still keep windows and doors open in the dance studios; have our air purifiers running in all studios; and work to help students distance, wash hands, and sanitize areas frequently. This is also a reminder to please wear a mask and follow testing protocol if you have been exposed or potentially exposed when returning to the studio. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home and we will be happy to reschedule lessons or find an option for a makeup class. We do follow CDC guidelines regarding isolating, quarantines, etc. As always, we truly appreciate your patience, understanding, flexibility and support through all of this.


My daughter's classroom is bright and an appropriate size for the number of students. The video screen makes it easy to watch. The instructor chooses age-appropriate activities/exercises for the students, and also expects them to perform to her expectations. It is a nice balance of structure, dance content, and fun.

Kelley R

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